How do I send a fax?

Please follow below steps:

1) Enter the recipient fax number or choose from the contact list

2) Attach or scan a document

3) Click on Send Button

Will my fax be sent securely?

Fax 369 is the most secure way to transmit documents through your Iphone App. As privacy and security are our main importance, Fax 369 uses military grade 258-bit AES encryption for every fax sent. Fax 369 is full compliance of HIPPA regulations.

How can I make sure that my fax will be clear and readable?

When creating the fax, ensure that fonts are clear and dark and that the background is white. If you are photographing a document, make sure to properly focus the camera so that the text is perfect. Taking a photo in a bright room will help to achieve optimal clarity. Only fax text documents for clear and readable not pictures.

How can we receive faxes?

Currently Fax 369 don't have a capability to receive the faxes.

Which advantages does the subscription Give?

Subscription enables you to send faxes without any limitations. Without an active subscription, you will not be able to send the faxes. However, you still able to use funcationalities like scan and pdf the previous the scan copies to your Iphone.

Why does a send fax does not appear in the list?

If a sent fax does not appear on the sent fax list, try closing the App and open it again. Depending the Fax size, it will take time to encrypt and send it securely.